What Your Moon Sign Reveals About You

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A star chart is a complex tool that records the celestial positioning of stars, planets, and other bodies in order to lay out our entire existence before us. Many people who enjoy astrology don’t even go so far as to analyze their entire chart, as even learning to read it is a daunting task, but there are a few key placements to take note of as you’ll see they play a major role throughout your life.

The most prominent is your sun sign (the direct sign you were born under), but following that is your moon sign. Moon signs are very important to understanding yourself, and becoming truly in touch with your innermost desires.

Delving Deeper

When examining our signs and our star charts, the placement astrologists tend to look at immediately after one’s sun sign is their moon sign.

The moon in a purple sky full of clouds and a flock of birds.
Unsplash / Silas Van Overeem
Unsplash / Silas Van Overeem

Your sun sign expresses how you present yourself outwardly, embodying your forward-facing persona and determining how you interact with the world around you.

Your moon sign, inversely, represents your inner self. It represents how someone seeks out comfort, safety, and happiness in their life. Your moon sign interacts intimately with your innermost desires; a true reflection of the self!

If you happen to know your moon sign, here’s what it says about you.

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Moon In Aries

Though the signs have shifted placements towards the moon, many of the traits shared with their sun-sign equivalent remain the same. This means that Aries remains a bold, passionate sign that doesn’t shy away from seeking what they desire—they just express these aspects of themselves in different areas of their life.

A woman smiling as she looks to the right against a yellow background.
Unsplash / Gabrielle Henderson
Unsplash / Gabrielle Henderson

Someone’s moon being in Aries means they’re happy to take the lead regarding social relations. They need directness, openness, and honesty if a relationship is going to work with them. They’d rather face issues head-on and immediately so they know for a fact there are no hidden feelings of resentment being built up.

Moon In Taurus

Moons in Taurus love tranquility. They find security in stable routines, and are experts at curating their space to make them feel open and comfortable at all times. They also enjoy nature, forging a deep connection with the earth and finding peace in the beautiful, natural world that lay just beyond their door.

A woman walking along a forest path.
Pexels / Carley & Matt T.
Pexels / Carley & Matt T.

They’re also very sensual. Having your moon in Taurus means you likely crave physical intimacy often, but only want to seek it out in ways that mean something to you, as you’re usually not interested in more casual affairs.

Moon In Gemini

Gemini moons find their peace and happiness by staying connected with other people. In the most complimentary way possible, they love to talk. They love to have eye-opening discussions and learn about others’ perspectives on the world.

A group of young friends hanging out and talking.
Unsplash / Troy Spoelma
Unsplash / Troy Spoelma

It’s in this constant seeking of new information and ideas that they feel secure. After all, what better way is there to prepare for life than by learning how everyone else goes about it? They also enjoy simply learning more about how their loved ones tick, how they think and what they value. Communication in considered a top priority in their relationships.

Moon In Cancer

The moon’s home sign is Cancer, meaning its effects are felt with exceptional strength for those with this placement. In general, those with Cancer moons find many moon-related aspects of life to be of great importance to them. Family, home, the self, etcetera. You feel your best when given the time to connect with your family and learn about its history, maybe even delving into some ancestral work if that’s your style.

couple cooking together in their home, backs to the camera.
Unsplash / Soroush Karimi
Unsplash / Soroush Karimi

In your relationships, you crave a sense of nurturing and growth alongside your partner. Making a home together (whatever that looks like for you) is a dream of yours. Giving your all to someone you love and receiving the same in turn is what you’re aiming to have one day.

Moon In Leo

Leos are somewhat known for enjoying having the spotlight. I struggle to say ‘the center of attention’ because there are plenty of less social Leos, but even they enjoy the attention given to them by friends and other people they trust.

Two stage spotlights shining off to the right.
Unsplash / Wesley Pribadi
Unsplash / Wesley Pribadi

This remains the same for those whose moon is in Leo. Whether it be by many or by few, praise and assurance are necessary for them to feel at ease with themself and grow comfortable around new friends. Leo moons are also highly creative souls who enjoy staying highly engaged. They’re big-hearted and generous with their time, finding stability through the energies of others.

Moon In Virgo

In order for Virgo moons to feel safe and happy, they have to feel like they’re of use to those around them. They’re providers at heart and feel most comfortable when they’re able to assure others’ comfort instead. They don’t do this in a self-martyring way either. They expect nothing in return for these acts, it’s simply how they best express their love for others.

Two friends helping a third friend fix a bike chain.
Pexels / cottonbro studio
Pexels / cottonbro studio

They’re also prone to feelings of anxiety and worry, which can be largely managed by focusing on the little things in life that they enjoy, something that Virgo moons are very good at finding meaning in. They dislike unfamiliar environments, and truly appreciate when their friends are the reliable type.

Moon In Libra

True to their symbol of the scales, Libra moons require balance in many things in order to feel secure. They need an active social life, but also need plenty of time alone to recuperate. They need to express their needs, but also enjoy being reserved as to not overwhelm themselves and others.

Someone walking along a fallen log in the forest.
Unsplash / Jon Flobrant
Unsplash / Jon Flobrant

It can be tough finding this perfect middle ground, but Libras are highly adaptable in the meantime, so they take it all in stride. When they do find that sweet spot, that’s when they feel truly at peace.

Moon In Scorpio

Scorpio moons love emotional intensity. They love the rush of experiencing big feelings, of diving into their inner selves to examine their inner workings and discover what it is that drives emotional outbursts. It can be a little intense for some people, but Scorpios find so much value in exploring the core of one’s self, and will happy pick the brains of their friends too.

A woman looking intensely at the camera.
Unsplash / Judeus Samson
Unsplash / Judeus Samson

To have your moon in Scorpio is to want to be involved in others’ transformations, changes, and rebirths. You love to see change in others and want to help progress that in whatever way possible. You’re creative and philosophical, and need others to match your energy so you don’t ever feel like ‘too much’.

Moon In Sagittarius

A Sagittarius moon, much like its sun counterparts, is big on adventure and has a deep desire to travel. The need for a personal journey of sorts is strong in Sagittarius moons, as having a running narrative about where their life could, should, and maybe will go next gives them something to remain grounded in.

A group of tents pitched in a field along a mountain range.
Pexels / Xue Guangjian
Pexels / Xue Guangjian

That being said, should that story deviate, they also tend to handle that pretty well. They don’t particularly enjoy routine, so an unexpected switch-up is of no bother to them; it just creates a plot twist in their story!

Moon In Capricorn

Capricorn moons thrive most when they are being productive. They enjoy the simple act of doing something until it’s done, but of course, lean more towards things they actually enjoy versus things that need to be done, such as household chores. They tend to have ambitious goals, seeking praise and respect from others for such lofty dreams.

Two friends looking at an iPad as one shares notes.
Pexels / cottonbro studio
Pexels / cottonbro studio

They’re also very material, which isn’t automatically a bad thing. Capricorn moons feel most at peace in a curated space that properly reflects who they are and what they love. When it comes to quality, they’re willing to wait for the best, whether that be for objects or in relationships. They do tend to be a touch controlling though as they don’t want anything to interfere with their desires, so watch for that.

Moon In Aquarius

For an Aquarius moon to remain in good spirits, they have to have frequent mental stimulation. This can be done socially or on their own, but they want to always be working their brains when possible. They feel it’s paramount to their continued personal growth to always be working their mind. They also feel a sense of calmness when exercising their strengths.

Someone writing an idea web on a transparent board.
Unsplash / Campaign Creators
Unsplash / Campaign Creators

Aquarius moons also require freedom to feel truly at ease. They cannot be tied down to any one place lest they decide they want to up and move at any given moment. They value independence in relationships and feel suffocated when faced with someone who’s too clingy.

Moon In Pisces

Pisces has a strong connection with the moon as it also represents the realm of dreams and imagination. Pisces moons need ample time to indulge in the worlds they’ve built in their heads, diving into their fantasies and relishing in their strong creative abilities.

Someone reading, reaching for a cup of coffee that's resting on a pile of books.
Pexels / Ron Lach
Pexels / Ron Lach

Of course, getting too lost in a dream can cause problems, and is often used as a form of escapism regarding their true, real-life feelings. Pisces moons tend to avoid feeling grounded because of the harsh realities it may bring, but understand that it’s a necessity, and rely heavily on their friends to bring them back down to earth every so often.

Building Security

While the connections we share with friends, partners, and family are without a doubt important, the most important connection we have is that with ourselves.

The moon in a dark blue sky, surrounded by silhouettes of trees.
Pexels / Tom Fisk
Pexels / Tom Fisk

Being in tune with our own feelings, desires, goals, aversions, fears, and otherwise is how we learn to create a life that we love living. Knowing our moon sign and using that to best figure out how we best approach values such as security will only help us further.

You deserve a happy life. A safe, positive, well-rounded life. Learning more about your star chart in order to secure that for yourself is always a worthy endeavor.

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