What’s After Death? The Step By Step Process Of Exactly What Happens To Our Bodies When We Die

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We tend to believe that the moment we die is the end. We think that our bodies shutting down stops our whole process of living. Yet, it’s not that simple. There are stages to human death.

As it turns out, scientists have found that the moment of death is the beginning of a specific pattern or “flow of events” that our body automatically knows to engage in. It’s as of our spirit takes the time to make sure we leave it exactly as it’s meant to be, no matter the cause of death. Here is the step-by-step breakdown.

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What Is “Death”?

There is actually some debate over what actually defines death. You would think that it’s the moment our heart stops beating but those who experienced near-death experiences would say otherwise. Doctors now know better than to pronounce someone dead when their pulse is absent.

Mike B /Pexels
Mike B /Pexels

Death is not instant. It takes some time for the organs to catch up and stop working as well. In fact, our arguably most important organ, our brain, is still conscious and aware even after our bodies shut down. Our brain continues to “work” for up to 10 minutes after our heart stops. This means that we are aware of our death after the fact until we make it to the last step.