What’s In A Kiss? The Chemistry Behind A Good Smooch

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You know that wonderful feeling when the person who has been occupying your thoughts and giving you butterflies just by looking at you finally leans in to seal their confirmation that they also have feelings for you with a kiss? This exact moment is a turning point for most people.

For some, this is the beginning of a beautiful story and for others, this is where their relationship is doomed. Yet, it has nothing to do with how good of a kisser any of them is. It all depends on what is happening inside their brain at the exact moment. Let’s take a closer look.

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Why Do We Decide To Lock Lips?

For as long as the average modern person can remember, kissing has been a normalized way of showing affection and finding out if we like a potential suitor. Can you think back on the memory of your first kiss? If the answer is yes, then you’re part of the 90 percent who can recall the details of their first kiss.

woman grabs man's face to kiss him by train tracks
Cassie Lopez / Unsplash
Cassie Lopez / Unsplash

This is because the human mind finds it to be important and stores it as core memory. This is part of its natural fascination with kissing that it has seen projected in movies, songs, and poetry all around it.