What’s Wrong With Aging? These Are The Most Shared Pleasures Of Getting Older

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Societal beauty expectations always have glamorized youth. Our early adulthood is supposed to be the time we cherish the most and during which we are most beautiful. It makes it feel that by the time we exceed the age of 35 we’re no longer desirable and have passed our prime.

Yet, the older we get, the more experience we have, the deeper our relationships become, and get and the more we reach a true meaning of happiness. Whether we have wrinkles and grey hair or smooth skin doesn’t determine our experience of life. There should be nothing wrong with aging. To celebrate aging, a Reddit user by the name of fgfy4454 asked: “What did you start liking the older you got?” and here were the most reocurrent responses.

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The $17 Billion Fountain Of Youth

Before we dive into the responses, let’s take a look at what could be causing aging to be perceived negatively in the first place. Where do our standards of beauty and health stem from?

Sean Patrick / Pexels
Sean Patrick / Pexels

It might have something to do with the $17 billion a year industry of cosmetic surgery or Cosmetics, whose global market size is $93.78 billion. These industries aren’t always driving realistic standards. The more we see the same message of youth advertised, the more we start to believe that we have to find some sort of fountain of youth to stay relevant and feel good.

The Joys Of Getting Older

However, these people find aging comforting and accept it as a beautiful stage in life that has its own unique perks. Getting older is the first chance many of us get actually to slow down and enjoy the gift of life.

Edu Carvalho / Pexels
Edu Carvalho / Pexels

As we devote less of our energy and time to work life, raising children, and always working towards the next thing, we can be present in the moment. We then can use everything we’ve learned so far to appreciate the world and have the time to enjoy moment by moment all of nature, and innovations, and people around us.

Spending Alone Time

For many of the older generation, the best thing about aging was time alone. Being alone for too long tends to have a negative connotation and be confused with loneliness or boredom. Yet, this was the time when they could finally be in tune with their thoughts and find peace:

Nashua Volquez-Young / Pexels
Nashua Volquez-Young / Pexels

“I am very happy with my own company. Not a shut-in at all, but certainly don’t feel compelled to always be chasing social contact. A weekend with nothing to do, and no social commitments sounds to me like a rare treat! But all folks are different. I’ve also known people who are basically the human equivalent of Labrador dogs – constantly needing attention and stroking, and who get sulky and cross (and bitey) when they don’t get it.

We all exist on a continuum of introversion/extraversion, and that’s fine. But it’s the extravert’s fallacy that anyone who is happy with their own company must be somehow unfulfilled or leading a lesser life. Some of us prefer to quietly read a book.” – EvilBosc / Reddit

Enjoying The “Nothing”

We are so used to go, go, go that we feel anxious when we have nothing going on. We fear boredom and confuse it with meaningless time. The way our schedules are set up in our youth makes it feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. Between work responsibilities, social obligations, taking care of the kids, and chores, we rarely ever even have a moment to take care of ourselves.

smiling-older man-and-woman-wearing-jackets-
Tristan Le / Pexels
Tristan Le / Pexels

One person shared how they finally understood the value of doing “nothing”: “Sitting outside and doing nothing. As a kid, I always wondered why adults would do that.” – AteUrGrandma / Reddit

Music And Art

You know you’re getting older when you start reminiscing about the artistic integrity of older music because the new songs sound like electronic bashing. There is truth to that because music tends to reflect our thoughts and feelings at the time.

James Sutton / Pexels
James Sutton / Pexels

Fast, upbeat music can help us sync up to the hustle and bustle of our youth while older music is not only nostalgic, but when getting older, it allows us to connect with other parts of ourselves. Plus with age, we solidify our taste and develop a greater appreciation for the things in life that require attention and detail because we have the time for it

“Old songs. Younger me always followed whatever is mainstream.”— Duschkopfe / Reddit

The same thing applies for all of art: “Art museums. Used to think they were pretentious and boring growing up. Over time, thought about the process and effort it really takes to make that kind of work. Whole new perspective.” — bdruid117 / Reddit

Mature Relationships

Aging gets to a point where we finally realize that we’re only wasting time by holding grudges. We let go of the people who deplete our energy, we ignore the criticism of those who don’t matter, and we choose carefully who we want to surround ourselves with during our last days. No more drama, conflict, or pettiness.

Pixabay / Pexels
Pixabay / Pexels

People who don’t create or have drama in their lives or mine. At least not on purpose. Simple, quiet relationships.” — themermaidbrain / reddit

If only we could separate these friendships early on in life and focus on giving our love to the people who deserve to have it.

Time Is Of The Essence

Getting older doesn’t mean your life is over. Rather it should mean that you have more of the tools, wisdom, and knowledge to create the life that actually makes you happy. Are you still searching for your life purpose? You won’t believe what the science of Numerology can reveal about you!

Pixabay / Pexels
Pixabay / Pexels

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