Discover Who You Really Are Using This Wheel of Emotions

I never really paid much attention to colors when I was growing up, but they actually say a lot about who we are as people. When I was young, I liked blue.

In my teen years, I liked black. As an adult, I'm drawn to red and green. But everyone likes colors for different reasons. Maybe you look good in a certain color or just feel better when you see it.

However, on an even deeper level, we're subconsciously connected to these color that we favor over others. Each color is representative of the myriad of emotions that make up each of our personalities.

Professor Robert Plutchik, formerly of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, was a psychologist whose studies centered around human emotion. To illustrate much of what he found during his time studying the psychology of man, he created the Plutchik Wheel of Emotions.

According to Plutchik, humans have 8 primary emotions, and each of these 8 emotions is tied to a specific color, as well as an eight-question test. You can take Plutchik's test here to discover more about who you are!

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