When 65 Percent Of Her Body Was Covered In Burns, She Wasn’t Sure If Her Husband Would Stay

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Attraction plays a large part in a romantic relationship. It’s often what makes people interested in the beginning, and what keeps the passion alive as the relationships flourishes. While it can be fun to be with a partner that physically excites you, it’s what’s on the inside that leads to true love.

When this woman experienced a traumatic incident that would change her fate, she learned that unconditional love happens when people choose to see souls instead of bodies. But would her husband agree?

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Life As She Knew It

Turia Pitt was just a girl living a regular life like you and me. A mining engineer, and a girlfriend to a loving man living the dream life in Australia. To an outsider, this woman’s life would’ve appeared to be a fairy tale.

A man and woman taking a selfie on a hike.
turiapitt / Instagram
turiapitt / Instagram

Deep in love with her partner, Michael Hoskin, Turia was happy. She was on the path to an educated, healthy, and lucky future. But life can flash before our eyes at any moment, and one particular day in 2011 would turn her life around …