When Do We Stop Being Young? Here Is The Moment Of Realization

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How do we tell if we’re young? Is it simply the way we feel at heart? Is it the way others look at us? For most of us, it wasn’t a gradual process of realization. Instead, it was a defining moment that forced us to take a hard look at ourselves and think “wow, I must be really getting old.”

In age, there is wisdom and experience, but there is also a sense of loss. Time is precious, where on its line do you fall?

An Appreciation For The Small Things In Life

older woman looking off to the side in fedora hat

Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels

Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels

“When I opened a new pack of sponges for dishwashing and became all excited to use a fresh sponge.” – tuxedo_cat_commander / Reddit

As we get older we stop expecting the newest toy under the Christmas tree because we understand the value of the work it takes to get that toy. Instead, we value practicality. We can see the bigger picture, so we learn to appreciate the small things along the way.

The Generations Give Birth To New Ones

grandma and her granddaughter look out the window

Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas / Pexels

Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas / Pexels

“It hits you when you’re 36. That’s the year you could’ve had a child at age 18 who would become 18 and possibly have a child, making you old enough to be a grandparent.” – crewthsr / Reddit

You used to look at your parents and think of them as old creatures who must know everything. Then you had children of your own and learned firsthand that there’s no way to always know what you’re doing. Then some of us had grandkids and wondered: “where did the time go?”

Not Recognizing the Person In The Mirror

woman hides her face in the mirror

Milada Vigerova / Unsplash

Milada Vigerova / Unsplash

“Looking in the mirror. I’m in my mid-20s, but within the past year I’ve noticed that my reflection has reasonably changed and I definitely wouldn’t be mistaken for a teenager anymore.” – MayBeAPossum / Reddit

Although our features age slowly, we don’t tend to notice the wrinkles forming until they’re already there, or until we look back at a picture and then notice that our skin jaw isn’t as tight anymore. There is beauty to every age, but it’s not always easy to accept.

The Body Begins To Fail

woman massages her neck as she sits at a table

Keenan Constance / Unsplash

Keenan Constance / Unsplash

“When I dislocated my jaw lying in bed yawning. Didn’t even think it was even possible.” – purpleowlie / Reddit

It’s not just the outside of our body that changes in its appearance. Our insides also start to deteriorate. It’s much easier to throw out our backs or run out of breath going up a flight of stairs. In a way the body is letting us know that it has lived and experienced the speed of life, and it is now ready to pause to appreciate all it has experienced.

Priorities Change

tired woman laying on cushion with her arm hanging off and her hair above her face

Sinitta Leunen / Unsplash

Sinitta Leunen / Unsplash

“When I only got 4 hours of sleep before work and felt like I was literally going to die. Ten years ago, I would drive 5 hours after work on Friday to see my SO, we’d party all weekend, then I’d leave at 1 am on Monday, drive all night and go to work Monday. And I was exhausted but fine. “

It seems as though as we get older we give more value to our alone time and our self-care. Suddenly the rare ability to have a night off to simply take a bath and be in bed by 9 pm feels more like a luxury than a fancy night out.

Earning More Respect

Monk with his hands in a prayer motion

Arisa Chattasa/ Unsplash

Arisa Chattasa/ Unsplash

“Neighborhood kid next door must be 22 or so calls me sir. The first time it happened I was like “sir”? Dude, I’m like….okay a lot older than you.” – genericusername0176 / Reddit

The silver lining in getting older is that we have accumulated a lot of wisdom and experience. It is up to us to now pass it on to the younger generations. We cannot slow down time but we can embrace the respect that comes with age.

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