You Should Never Let Go Of Your Partner If They Do These Things

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Relationships are more complicated in modern times, than past generations. It takes a special sort of savvy to see people as they are and categorize their traits. People in general are complicated and constantly changing.

There are more external influences, pressures and awareness than ever before. Societal pressures are more varied than ever, telling you to feel this way or another.

As you journey through the dating world you have to keep keen tabs on what is universally important.

There are patterns of behavior and intention that you should be on the lookout for. The presence of any of these patterns means a high potential for a strong productive relationship.

If your partner does any of the following 10 things, you should never let them go!

1. If They Can Calm You Down

Two people standing in a field, an arm around each other.
Pexels / mododeolhar
Pexels / mododeolhar

At one point or another, despite best efforts and intention, we get very emotional.

Whether livid, depressed, anxious, or any other self destructive behavior, a person that can see your needs and meet them is a keeper.

Sometimes, though, a person brings ‘balance’ to your life at an unnecessary price. Your independence, confidence, self love and sense of freedom should always be present.

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