When She Was 16, A Monster Got Her Pregnant... 77 Years Later, She Met The Baby She Gave Up

In 1928, Minka Disbrow was set upon by a man she didn't know and was viciously assaulted and raped. She was, at the time, a 16 year old girl, but suddenly she was thrust into a very adult world. One where she was terrified, not sure what to do, and even worse, she was pregnant.

In secrecy, her baby, Berry Jane, was born and placed into adoption.

For decades, Minka tried to stay in contact and receive updates about her daughter. She never thought she'd meed her child.

But 77 years later, a judge released Betty Jane's adoption records, and not long after that, Minka's phone rang.

Enjoy the heartwarming story of Minka and Betty Jane's reunion.

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