When Son Keeps Asking For 2 Packed Lunches Instead Of 1, His Mom Finally Asks Why

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When your child comes up to you and asks you to double his lunch, what is your immediate reaction? Maybe the food you’re giving him isn’t enough, or maybe he lost a bet and ows someone his lunch. Many parents would just brush off the request or not think much of it.

For one mother, every morning she packed two lunches at the request of her son. Except, she actually only had one son, Dylan, so how come she kept having to make two? Finally she decided to ask her son what was going on, and his answer brought her tears, and it might do the same to you.

Two Lunches For Just One Boy

two luches with sandwiches and chips

NBC4 Columbus / Youtube

NBC4 Columbus / Youtube

Josette Duran, a mother residing in  New Mexico had her morning routine down packed. Every morning she would get up and pick a lunch for her son before sending him off to school. However, this all changed when her son requested that she pack not only one lunch, but two.

At first, without questioning it much, Josette packed not one sandwich but two, along with two bags of chips and two cups of flavored yogurt. This continued to happen for several months.