Eventually, You'll End Up Where You Need To Be

5 Awkward Feelings That Actually Indicate You're On The Right Path

You feel uncomfortable with your direction.

It's a scary thing being on the right path. You're finally headed in the direction you need to be after months or years of your life off track. It can be kind of freaky! But don't fret. This is actually a good feeling.

Life changing events keep happening.

The right people keep showing up in your life at the right time and everything seems to be falling into place.

These may seem awkward and uncomfortable at a glance but in reality, this is great! Know what to look for in special people who can help you do the things you need to.

You need time alone to recharge.

Sometimes when you get on the right path, you need time alone to recharge.

A night out at the bar or a weekend camping with 20 other people may not seem appealing to you. Enjoy this time alone.

Spend time in thought looking inward, better understanding yourself.

You feel like your world is falling apart.

You might feel this way because, well, your world may very well actually be falling apart!

People may be leaving your life, you may be moving to another state or country, you could be switching jobs - often when you're on the right path, things fall apart.

But things will be put together again.

You don't know who you are anymore.

This may feel awkward and uncomfortable, but in the long run, it's good for you. Get to know the real you!

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