Which Animal Did You See First? The Answers Will Reveal What Triggers Your Temper

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What triggers our anger? People often express their anger in different ways, but they usually come down to four categories of triggers: frustrations, irritations, abuse, and unfairness. Our tolerance and patience with these issues come down to our unique personality traits. These are developed early in childhood depending on our parents, our environment, and our individual experiences but they change throughout our life, the more that we are exposed to certain feelings, behaviors and experiences.

Some people are quicker to anger than others and some are better at getting a grasp over it than others? Where do you fall on the spectrum? Depending on the animal that caught your eye first, let’s find out! Unlock the messages hidden in your Personality Code now with your free personalized video report!


There’s a reason people think of you as a big cuddly, teddy bear. You tend to put a front, a tough exterior meant to protect yourself. You try to brush off any negativity and act tough so that no one crosses you.

You might be quick to anger but you’re also quick to forgive. You might get loud, and even lose your temper at first but that’s your way of setting boundaries. You don’t want anyone to take advantage of your softer side. However, once you’ve calmed down, you’re not afraid to apologize and go in for a big hug. You’re also the “mama bear” of your group. Others around you trust you to take care of them and know that if need be you’ll always stand up for them.