Who Is The Real Mother Of The Child? Your Choice Says A Lot About Your Character

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How much do you tend to follow your gut? Our intention says a lot about our character. If you break it down, intuition is made of the collection of experiences you have from inherited traits, learned lessons, acquired feelings and values etc. It’s meant to guide you to make decisions tha align with your path.

It’s hard to tell apart the various parts that lead our intuition but that’s why it’s important to make sure that it accurately reflects our values and character. That’s why little tests like this can be really revealing on your character and personality. Take a look at the picture below, and attempt to figure out which of the two women sitting opposite each other is the real mother of the toddler. You answer will give clues about the character that drives your decisions.

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Is Motherhood Relative?

woman holding babies' feet (closeup)

Alex Psarelu / Unsplash

Alex Psarelu / Unsplash

What makes a person a good mother? Perhaps it’s their ability to parent or their capacity for love. Is there even such a thing as a “good” mother or is the experience of it relative? Let’s start out by saying that the goal of this test isn’t to establish whether you’re a good mother or even a good person. Rather i’s to test your intuitive ability and perception that help you make big decisions such as the ones a mother would have to make.

The results of this quiz fall into two categories. Both the women sitting in the room seem like they can be the child’s mother… Yet only one of them is. So which one is your gut telling you is the mother?