5 Reasons Some People Choose To Be Single

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They’d prefer to work on themselves.

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Unsplash / Léa Dubedout
Unsplash / Léa Dubedout

Sometimes people who are single are that way because they’d rather be working on self development and focusing on their future goals than go through the process of bringing someone new into their lives.

If they don’t seem to want a relationship, that could be the reason why.

They’re happy the way they are.

In society we often feel pressured to shack up with someone because that’s the only way happiness comes along, but that’s total rubbish.

Happiness and success come from many different places, and having a partner isn’t always one of them. There’s nothing wrong with being happy and single.

They don’t feel up for a commitment.

Sometimes single people just don’t feel like committing themselves to one person, other than perhaps themselves. There are any number of reasons they might feel that way and it’s all perfectly acceptable.

There should exist no pressure for a single person to commit to a new partner.

They’re content with the people they know.

It could be that single people don’t feel like getting to know any new friends or potential lovers at the moment, and that’s fine.

Some degree of fulfillment comes from social interactions, and if their social lives are what they want it to be, why shake things up with a new partner?

They’ve been burned in the past.

Sometimes single people just need to get over being burned in past relationships. There’s a recovery time that’s absolutely necessary. There’s nothing wrong with that. Give them some space!

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