Why Does It Feel Like The Universe Itself Is Against You Sometimes? There’s A Good Reason

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There are days when everything seems aligned. You feel complete synchronism with the universe. You feel a sense of peace, confidence in your decisions, and happiness with where you are at. Then there are days where everything that could possibly go wrong just get worse. It feels like the universe is actively acting against you. You hit wall after wall to the point where even small things that no normally wouldn’t matter are now just another obstacle you have to get over. What happened to the universe having your back?

It gets to a point where you don’t even know how to move forward anymore, The future looks bleak and you feel stuck and helpless. So how come the universe itself is working against you. Well, this actually happens to all of us at a pivotal point in our lives and there are actually a few good reasons for it that make it some of the best times of your life.

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A Push To Look Inwards

person holding mirror reflecting the sky

Rishabh Dharmani / Unsplash

Rishabh Dharmani / Unsplash

When you no longer can depend on luck, circumstances, or other people, who is the only person left for you to ask for help? The answer is yourself. Sometimes the universe purposely removes your support system if you have been using it as a clutch or if it has been holding you back so that you can look inwards and start to figure things out for yourself.

This is sometimes the only way to get get you to reflect on your own needs rather than be persuaded by the needs and the opinions of others. If you know that your decisions are not going to impact anyone else, or are influenced by anyone else, then you finally are able to do what it is that you are actually meant to do. This may come off selfish but even if there is no one to pick up the pieces, turning to yourself is a necessary step to realigning yourself with your path in the universe.