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Why Does The Brain Really Overthink Things? Knowing Is The Weapon To Stop It

Science Says This is What Happens to Your Brain When You Overthink Everything

The worst part about overthinking is that we're often aware that we're doing it, and yet we don't know how to stop it. Instead of not overthinking, we end up overthinking more about the fact that we're overthinking. In order to figure out how to stop, we must first understand why we're doing it in the first place.

Sure there's usually an underlying reason that is causing us some anxiety, but underneath that reason, there is a pattern and an explanation for the brain's overthinking mentality.

It Learned It Had To To Survive As A Child

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Not everyone was blessed enough to have a stable and happy childhood. For many overthinkers, this habit formed when they were still very young. Their brain had to learn to adapt quickly to stressful and difficult situations that most children wouldn't need to worry about. The brain learned that it always has to be on high alert and ready to find solutions, so it stayed in a defense mode.

This makes it worry obsessively about things that haven't even happened yet in order to be perapred for the worst-case scenario. It's a way to protect itself.

The Illusion Of Control

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We overthink things because it gives us the illusion of control. It's too scary for the brain to feel helpless. The more scenarios and possible outcomes it tries to calculate, the more in control it feels over the situation. It tries to convince itself that control is found in readiness when in reality there is no way to predict every single outcome.

Control takes away flexibility which is why it's just an illusion. It actually comes from a place of low self-esteem and stress. The brain needs to learn to be okay with going with the flow and flexibility so that it is actually equipped to deal with all kinds of situations.

False Sense Of Predictibility

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This idea goes hand in hand with the illusion of control. Basically, we can't stand not being able to predict the future and live in uncertainty. We tend to like to feel comfortable in stability. We're afraid of the unknown because we don't know how to prepare for it and because it'll force us to change.

However, the brain needs to be able to grow despite the risks. Even if the outcome is not guaranteed, living in denial or pretending we know how it will all play out will only lead to disappointment and more anxiety.

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Wanting To Get Another Benefit Out Of It

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We hate to say this but some people love to be the victim even if they don't intend to be because it makes them feel validated. Some people cave to overthinking because they love the way complaining about it will get them support or even pity. Some people think that overthinking and anxiety will even take off some of the blame if they end up making a bad decision. Some just use overthinking to procrastinate and avoid making the decision in the first.
Yet all have one thing in common, they think that if they keep overthinking, they'll get something else out of it, like a secondary benefit.

Fear Of Conflict

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Conflict and confrontations put a lot of stress on the brain, especially for those who are empathetic to a fault and want to please others. One way the brain attempts to avoid conflict is by overthinking. However, instead of figuring out how best to approach possible conflicts, it ends up overthinking all the ways it could go wrong.

In reality, the only way to practice handling conflict isn't by imagining it but by actually doing it. This will build confidence that could avoid overthinking the next time conflict happens.

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Homeless Man Found Long-Lost Sister After 20 Years, But That Wasn't Even The Miracle

You know what the best part of hardships is? It's the light at the end of the tunnel. No matter how dim, or even nonexistent it may seem for a while, it's always there, waiting for you at your destination.

Logan's story didn't see the light for a whole 20 years, which for the young man was a whole lifetime. Yet, he didn't let life's hardest tests get him down and he always held on to the hope of finding that light, till one day he did. He thought reuniting with his lost sister would be the light he was looking for this whole time. Except his sister was already living with her own family at that point...

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Life Was Hard From The Very Beginning

Hunt as a young kid smiling while sitting in dining room chair

USA Today / Youtube

Logan's hardships started from the day he was born. For whatever reason, his parents didn't feel fit to raise him, so he was put up for adoption when he was just a toddler. Not all kids get lucky and get adopted when they get put in the system.

Unfortunately for Logan, no family wanted to keep him and he was sent from one foster home to the next until he reached the age of 18. Considered an adult, he aged out of the system and had no choice but to become homeless. All he had ever wanted was a family but instead, he grew up his whole life feeling alone.

A Social Worker Who Cared

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Fortunately, all it takes to make a difference in someone's life is finding one person who cares. For Logan, it was his social worker. Once his 11 years in the foster care system were up, Logan's caseworker was determined to find him a good place to live. So far, all his living arrangements had been temporary, and he had never had a place to call home. For a time, Logan even lived in his car.

Looking carefully through his files, they discovered that Logan actually had a biological sister named Shyann who was already living with a good family. The caseworker hoped and prayed that the family would also take an interest in Logan, so she called up Shyan's adoptive mother.

Logan Was Deemed To Be "Toxic"

Logan and his sister hug when reunited

USA Today / Youtube

The caseworker was hoping Robert and Ara Hunt, Shyanna's parents would welcome Logan but that wasn't the case. The family already had 3 adopted children and they were afraid that Logan would disrupt the dynamic that they had created for their family.

Logan's sister was 12 years old at the time and the family was afraid that her biological homeless brother, who was living in a car, would be toxic to their family. In an interview, tey explained: : “We wanted nothing to do with him. We didn’t know anything about him. We were afraid.”

A Television Segment That Reflected The Truth

Logan sitting in interview chair

USA Today / Youtube

You wouldn't think that television is where you'd find the truth and have your whole perspective changed but that was the case for Logan.

The Hunt family saw a local television segment about Logan's journey out of foster cre and it completely changed their mind on the young man. That piece changed the father Robert Hunt’s mind about the 18-year-old. The father said in an interview: “I was just knocked down. I think I’m a pretty good judge of character, and I saw the good character in him."

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From Tragedy To Blessings

car crashed from he side with the plate hanging off

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Up until then, Logan had known nothing but rejection. He told USA Today how the constant rejection that his life made him feel “empty” and “alone," and he felt as though he had “nothing to look forward to.”

Right when Logan thought his life couldn't get worse, he got into a car accident. Yet, he had no idea that this tragedy would turn into a blessing too. Ara went to go visit him in the hospital, and she ended up bringing him home with her. He had no idea another miracle would be waiting for him at her home.

Happily More After

People Magazine

Logan went back to meet his sister and her newfound family thinking the reunion itself would be his miracle while he recovered from the accident. He believed his stay with the family would be temporary just like all his past ones.

As he bonded with the family, Logan fit right in. It didn't take long before the Hunt family performed a second miracle and decided to start the process of adopting Logan! It was finally Logan's chance to reach the light of the end of the tunnel and become part of a family just like he always wanted.

New Beginnings

Logan's life at almost 20 years old was just starting. After 13 years of temporary living arrangements, he finally found his forever home. It turns out that hope and patience were all he needed and the universe had a plan for him all along.

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