Surviving Anxious Moments Can Be As Easy As The 3-3-3 Technique

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We live in a world where it’s easy to get overwhelmed. We are constantly being overly stimulated by the media and our go-go-go culture. We have a never-ending list of responsibilities to get through and people who depend on us or that we feel responsible for. It often seems like there are never enough hours in the day. At some point, we all reach a breaking point and that’s okay.

But what if when you got to that point, rather than cave to it and spiral, you could actually take control of it and use the breakdown as a breakthrough? With the 3-3-3 technique, you take back your power, here’s how.

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Why 3-3-3?

woman laying on the floor with eyes closed

James Forbes / Unsplash

James Forbes / Unsplash

Stress and anxiety are normal responses from or nervous system. What happens is that when we feel overwhelmed, our body enters a state of fight or flight because of the over stimulus. Even if there is nothing really threatening happening, the feeling of burnout and stress can take over and make the mind feel uncertain and flustered.

The breathing accelerates, and blood pressure rises to help move nutrients and oxygen reach major muscle groups in order to prepare for defense. By actively taking the time to ground yourself, and soothe the anxiety, you can purposely slow down the breathing and send the blood back where it belongs. The 3-3-3 technique is a quick tool to do so.