Why Some Struggle In Their Final Days, Before Passing Over

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Even the best people don’t have an easy exit out of this world. Even though they radiated love, kindness, and positivity throughout their lives, their last day are met with pain, sorrow, and fatigue. So, how come? Some say it’s fear itself of death, and the unknown that drives even good people to struggle in their final days. Some say it’s a way to cleanse themselves as the last chance for redemption.

Intuitive medium, psychic, and published writer answers this question. When a follower wrote to her trying to make sense of their mother’s suffering, the author related because the same thing has happened to her own mother. However, not all suffering is bad. “For months after my mother’s death I contemplated and asked my guides to help me to understand why she and so many others suffer before passing over, ” she was. Here’s what she found out.

The Soul And The Body Are Separate

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Geralt / Pixabay Via Canva

Geralt / Pixabay Via Canva

Sherrie saw death take its toll when she watched her own mother fade into it. “Over the course of a year, my mother went from playing tennis two hours a day to being bedridden, riddled with pain, and unable to think clearly. When she died it felt like a blessing.”

One of the worst parts of approaching death knowingly is watching the decline of the physical body. The same body that once allowed you to run now can barely achieve its most basic functions like eating or sleeping. Luckily Sherrie reminds us that the body and the soul are actually two separate entities even if they share a home for a while. When the physical body expires, it’s because the soul is ready to move on. The dying process pushes it to the front, and sometimes it needs to suffer for a moment before it heals eternally.