Why Some Zodiac Signs Struggle During New Moons

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The world of astrology has many fascinating layers. From the basics of your direct sun sign to the complex nature of conjunctions, squares, and houses, each element can help you uncover something about yourself or your future that you might not have known before.

This grows even further when discussing how our signs interact with the universe that surrounds us, the moon and planet transits that directly impact our day-to-day lives and leave us feeling scattered when we think nothing at all has happened.

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Sticking With The Basics

Even for those with a very surface-level interest in astrology, learning about the groupings their main signs fall into can aid in understanding the signs themselves and how they affect you.

A printed out a star chart.
Getty Images Signature via Canva
Getty Images Signature via Canva

A common grouping distinction is sign modality. Every zodiac sign falls under one of three modalities: cardinal, fixed, or mutable. These categories represent the sign’s energetic expression, the main pillars of their personality that determine how they interact with the world on an emotional level.

This article focuses on the signs under the fixed modality, which are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

Endless Cycles

Another thing to start keeping in mind if you wish to deepen your knowledge of the zodiac’s interaction with the world is the lunar cycles.

A sky above a mountain range showing all the phases of the moon.
Pixabay / adriannesquick
Pixabay / adriannesquick

Each phase of the lunar cycle represents a step in one’s life, which means some phases are better for manifesting certain things. The focus today will be on the new moon.

New moons are about new beginnings, new habits, and new outlooks on life. They’re the best time for trying out a new hobby or for shaking up your life in any way you’ve wanted to but have also been too scared to take that first step towards.

Crossed Paths

At the intersection of these two aspects—sign modalities and lunar cycles—is how some modalities interact with moon phases. Signs under specific modalities thrive in waxing moons while struggling during full moons, for example.

A woman pointing and drawing atop constellation maps.
Getty Images Signature via Canva
Getty Images Signature via Canva

As mentioned, we’ll be taking a deeper look at how fixed signs interact with new moons, as they tend to struggle most when facing the change-charged aspects of new moons.

So if you’re a Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius who feels stuck every few weeks, you might find your reason here.

What’s The Problem, Exactly?

New moons are always about change in some respect. Whether it be the urge to step outside one’s comfort zone, invite a new element into your life, or embrace spontaneity, new moons aim to disrupt your routine for the better.

Someone holding a book, the zodiac wheel in front of them.
Getty Images via Canva
Getty Images via Canva

As astrologer Erin River Sunday told Bustle, “New moons are an opportunity to plant fresh seeds, but fixed signs typically prefer to tend to the garden they’ve already nurtured.”

For how this relates to fixed signs, she said, “New moon energy might conflict with fixed signs because starting something new isn’t always a fixed sign’s modus operandi.”

What Is It With Fixed Signs?

Fixed signs…to say they’re stubborn feels rude, but it’s genuinely meant as a compliment. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius are all experts at sticking by their convictions. They form careful structures, both in their minds and physical lives, that can cause significant distress if disrupted in any way. Thanks to this way of thinking, fixed signs are reliable and practical but also resistant to change.

The moon in the sky above a large, pink lit cloud.
Pexels / Ingmar Hoogerhoud
Pexels / Ingmar Hoogerhoud

This is precisely why new moons shake them up so badly. As Sunday puts it, new moons “have the potential to be the most irritating to fixed signs, because the energy is changeable and difficult to grasp.”

Can They Do Anything To Fix It?

Yes! Sunday has a number of suggestions to help fixed signs work through the obstacles and blockages that arise during new moons. Many of them boil down to mindfulness and openness, combatting the inherent stubbornness that drives fixed signs to remain so, well, fixed.

A woman smiling at herself in a mirror, a hand reaching out to touch its reflection.
Canva / dodotone
Canva / dodotone

The first piece of advice she gives is rather simple: use affirmations. Repeating an affirmation like a mantra can really shift one’s way of thinking, even if it feels silly at first. It doesn’t even involve a change in structure or routine!

Sunday gives a few examples of affirmations that will help lessen worries surrounding change and anxieties regarding perfectionism. “I can welcome a new idea without reinventing the entire wheel,” is one, and “change is required for growth,” is another. The more you remind yourself of these things, the easier they’ll be to accept in the moment.

Writing It Out

Journaling is Sunday’s second trick. Journaling forces you to reflect on your troubles and work out how you’re feeling in real time. You may not think you have anything to write or anything you want to talk about, but as soon as you put pen to paper, you might see just how much you’ve been bottling up.

A woman curled up in a chair writing in a journal.
Unsplash / Alexandra Fuller
Unsplash / Alexandra Fuller

Sunday suggests using prompts that have you focusing on the positive aspects of change. Writing out questions like “When has change improved my life?” or “When was the last time I rook a risk that paid off?” can aid fixed signs in seeing that change is not to be feared.

Severing Ties

Lastly, Sunday recommends a ritual of sorts.

A woman meditating, holding an incense stick in her hand.
Pexels / Vlada Karpovich
Pexels / Vlada Karpovich

It’s not actually a magical ritual. though. It’s more of a meditation, but treating it as a definitive act to detach yourself from your fears can help it come to fruition more easily.

She calls it a ‘untethering ritual’, but describes it as a meditation on the things you want to untether yourself from. For fixed signs, this could be fear of change, fear of the unknown, or anxiety surrounding routine shifts. She suggests thinking of a specific example while meditating, narrowing it down further and further, imagining that there’s a chord connecting yourself to this thing. Then, visualize taking a pair of scissors and cutting that chord while repeating a mantra such as, “I untether myself from this energy in order to heal and move forward.”

Healthy Handling

No one is denying that change can be scary. Even to signs under other modalities, taking big steps towards new endeavors is almost always anxiety-inducing in some respect. You’re not wrong or bad for feeling fear when facing an upheaval in your life, but dealing with that constant worry is also no way to be living.

The sky filled with stars, the constellations drawn out.
Getty Images Signature via Canva
Getty Images Signature via Canva

Seeing as the new moon returns fairly frequently, if you find yourself hitting a wall whenever it reappears, you’re likely leading a very frustrating life. You owe it to yourself to learn how to cope with these lunar cycles in a healthy, mindful manner.

A Lesson In The Self

This example also proves why learning more about not only your signs, but the outside forces that effect them, can explain a lot about how you navigate through this life. It can provide reasoning for otherwise inexplicable changes in emotional behavior, ones that might have left you confused in the past.

A woman smiling at her friend as they walk among some yellow flowers.
Unsplash / Logan Weaver
Unsplash / Logan Weaver

Learning more about yourself, even with the stars as a vessel, is always a worthy endeavor. The more we know about how we behave, the better we become at taking control of our emotional wellbeing and fostering a space that’s right for us.

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