Having Intense Dreams? Here’s Why You Should Be Taking Notes

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Yes we mean literally. If you’re having intense dreams then it might be time to start a dream journal. This might be a life changing practice that will connect your mind and body both in your awake and slumber stages. While we can tell you what your dreams mean (and we will), first we want to enlighten you on the benefits of keep track of these dreams.

Here are three life changing reasons why you should keep a dream journal by your bed and pay attention to what your subconscious is trying to tell you

Improving Your Awake Self Physically

woman writing in journal in bed

Ava Sol / Unsplash

Ava Sol / Unsplash

We tend to forget our dreams right when we wake up and go about our hustle and bustle for the day. However, taking a moment to reflect quietly can be restorative for the mind. It will allow you to bring back to the forefront the unprocessed issues that the body tends to repress to give you more energy to go about your day.

The closer we unite the bond between our mind ad behavior, the more we’ll improve our sleep cycle and general health. They do say that dreams are windows to the soul.

Revealing Patterns Of The Mind

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Pixabay / Pexels

Pixabay / Pexels

Dream journaling can reveal the patterns of recurring dreams over time. Soon you’ll start to notice important details, the presence of certain beings, even noting ones you don’t recognize.

The more familiar you become consciously of these details in your waking, the more awareness, and power you will have during your dream, even if you’re asleep. Plus, repeated imagery and symbols can be very revealing of your thought patterns, fears, desires, and hidden baggage.

A Chance For Astral Projection

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Walter Fenton / Unsplash

Walter Fenton / Unsplash

When you take the time to write down your subconscious thoughts, you make them conscious. You train your mind to be aware of what is important to you. This makes it easier for even your subconscious brain to know when it’s dreaming. This level of consciousness within unconsciousness is what allows a lucid state of dreams.

This is when you are aware of the fact that you’re dreaming and can take control of it. Once you master that, you can take it into the next step with astral projection techniques.

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