Why The Strongest Women Often Come From Broken Homes

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Coming from a broken home seems to have a negative connotation. What are you picturing right now? Most people picture children who grew up to have trust issues, commitment issues, end up in the wrong relationship or repeat the patterns. Although that is the unfortunate case for some, for others, coming from a broken home gives them the strength and the tools to be some of most remarkable women. Going through hardships as a child builds character, teaches survival, and strengths will and motivation. If these women can make it through their troubled childhoods, they can make it through anything.

In fact some of the strongest women in history like Oprah Winfrey,or Eleanor Roosevelt had heartbreaking past Yet they always had the will to survive. They overcame challenges and rewrote their path to become some of the most successful ad influential women of the past generations. This is why.

Trauma Affects You, But Doesn’t Define You

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Karolina Grabowska / Pexels

Karolina Grabowska / Pexels

You can’t control the events that happen to you. Unfortunately, sometimes bad things happen to you as a child that imprint your memory and overwhelm your young mind that they end being traumatizing. However, as you grow up, you realize that you’re not just a victim of trauma. A victim mentality can keep you stuck in the past.

Strong women learn from a young age that they have the power to overcome the cards that they’re dealt with and that they can do better than their parents. They don’t let their childhood define them, instead, they use it to learn the resilience and self-reliance required to achieve amazing things.

Other Peoples’ Mistakes Are Your Lessons

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Thắng Lê / Pexels

Thắng Lê / Pexels

Your parents may have loved you with their whole hearts and still have lacked the capacity to give you a safe, stable home. Maybe they were so preoccupied with their challenges that they couldn’t even see how much you’re struggling. All of that is a mistake, but it’s their mistake, not yours. Being on the receiving end of the consequences of their actions, you now know better. You know what not to do, and have an empathetic understanding of the needs that should be fulfilled.

Strong women take the time to work through their trauma to use it towards their growth. They look for healthy coping mechanisms to sort through their pain so that they can create better memories and a better life for themselves. Their motivation not to repeat their parent’s history is so strong that they almost always succeed.

Perception And Intuition Are Heightened

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Giulia Bertelli / Unsplash

Giulia Bertelli / Unsplash

The ability to sense whether or not someone is being genuine is a natural ability developed by children of broken homes. They quickly start to learn that there is no point in trusting someone’s words if it’s not followed by action. They spent hours observing the dynamics of their parents and reading a room. They learned to pick on when their parents were putting up a front and when they were genuinely happy.

These little girls grow up to be incredibly perceptive women. They are so incredibly empathetic from their own experience as well as observant that they can instantly read other peoples’ auras and body language. From a young age, they learned to recognize the alarms and the red flags. This helps them easily get along with people and network their way to the top.

Calm Under Pressure

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De Andre Bush / Unsplash

De Andre Bush / Unsplash

Whatever happens now, you’ve probably seen worse and you know that you always get through it. Why panic and make the problem worse when you can take it step by step until you make it out? Little girls in troubled homes knew that survival was going through the motions moment by moment, then day by day. It didn’t matter how much they cried, they learned that it never solved anything.

Instead, they became patient women who got out of their homes, and just like they got once, they know that they can do it again.

You Know What You Can Control

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Ketut Subiyanto / Pexels

Ketut Subiyanto / Pexels

You can’t control your parent’s decisions, the way they treat each other, or the amount of love that they give to you. This may have been a hard truth to accept as a child, but strong girls are able to find that love elsewhere. They learn to take accountability for their happiness because they learn at a young age that no one else will give it to them.

They learn to form their own networks and surround themselves with their own chosen family. When they chase opportunities and relationships they accept losses and aren’t easily defeated or heartbroken. They understand the difference between what’s within their control and what isn’t, what is a reflection of their own actions, and what is a poor reflection of someone else’s.

You’re Not Afraid To Let Go

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J. Balla Photography / Pexels

J. Balla Photography / Pexels

One of the most disabling obstacles that keeps a person stuck and stagnant is fear. Look around you, to some level everyone is acting out fear, whether it’s fear of rejection, abandonment, failure, commitment…whatever it is, it holds them back.

Yet girls who lived in broken homes know what it’s like to have to let go. Holding on to people and things that hurt you, no matter how much they matter to you, only keeps you trapped. They know what real pain feels like and what’s like to be betrayed by people they trust, so they know when it’s time to cut someone out they love, if it means moving forward and doing what’s best for them. They take risks and they act without fear.

The Mind Can Be Trained

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Mart Productions / Pexels

Mart Productions / Pexels

It doesn’t matter how many bad experiences you go through as long as you know how to react to them. When you face a bad situation you have two choices. Either you can allow it to take over you, taint your perspective, rule over your insecurities, and weigh you down, or you can let yourself feel the pain for a moment, then learn from it and grow.

In one scenario it’s the problem that wins and in the other, you win. Which are you going to choose? And that’s the key to remember, no matter what happens to you, you always have a choice.

Your Past Is Not Your Path

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Fleur Kaan / Unsplash

Fleur Kaan / Unsplash

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