Why The Worst Relationship Of Your Life Will Be With A Bare Minimum Man

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You’ve heard of the narcissist and the manipulator but have you ever considered how toxic the bare minimum man is too? This is a man who gives you just enough to keep you around but not enough that you’re treated as you deserve. They do the bare minimum and aren’t willing to put in the effort for more.

All of a sudden you’re the one lowering your standards and expectations without realizing because you’re tired of the disappointment. Sound familiar? This is why a relationship with a bare minimum man will be the worst one of your life.

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Technically He’s Not A Bad Person

The main reason why this will be the worst relationship of your life is that it’s going to be hard to see it as such at the moment. Technically the bare minimum isn’t a bad person and he’s not doing anything wrong so it’s hard to villainize him. But, he’s also not doing enough no matter how many times you try to express your needs and ask for his help, time, and effort.

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Julian Wan / Unsplash
Julian Wan / Unsplash

You’ll keep brushing it off thinking that the relationship really isn’t that bad and that he’s not treating you badly. It will take a long time for you to realize how tired you are of feeling a lack of affection and support.