Science Explains Why Women Like Bad Boys, And Nice Guys Finish Last

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It is a story that we are all familiar with: the good girl falls for the bad boy. Maybe you, too, cannot steer clear from the bad guys. You know they’re just going to hurt you and wrap you up in a toxic relationship and yet you fall for their charm and miss the narcissistic red flags until it’s too late and wonder “how did I get here again?”

For many women, this pattern is present in their love lives. Many failed relationships with the wrong men and never attracted the good men. This leaves nice guy scratches their heads, wondering what they have to do to prove to these women that they could actually treat them in the way that they deserve. Well it turns out that science might have the answer. Here are the reasons women can’t help but like the bad boys.

The Chase

man holds woman's chin and kisses her

Dainis Graveris / Unsplash

Dainis Graveris / Unsplash

It is no secret that people always want what they cannot have. Securing a nice guy may seem a little boring for a fierce, bold woman who can’t help but love the chase. When it comes to romantic and platonic love, having fun is a large part of finding a partner.

When a man’s angsty and player attitude labels him as hard to get, a challenge is recognized by a woman. If we can get him tied down when no other girl has yet to, we may feel that we won something – the big, shiny prize of the bad boy. Women’s maternal instincts sometimes trick them into thinking they can “change” or “fix” a man. This sets up a “reward” system in the brain that sparks happy chemicals when they finally give a girl the time of the day. So when they go from charming to unavailable, the brain can’t help but crave back those chemicals and get obsessed with the chase.