5 Ways That Narcissists Sabotage Relationships

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They make everything about themselves.

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Pexels / Paola Diaz
Pexels / Paola Diaz

Every fight becomes a fight about their feelings. Every argument ends in you being called selfish and unworthy. They constantly pump themselves up and make everything about them.

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They really, really love themselves.

Self-love is important. It’s really great to feel good about yourself. But narcissistic self-love is a very different thing.

They’re so into themselves and everything they do that they can’t shut up about it. They constantly seek validation from others.

They are too dramatic.

Narcissists do tend to be drama kings and queens. Every little thing is turned into a big dramatic thing. They’re always a pity party.

They put themselves down to make the people around them defend them and make them feel even better about themselves.

They manipulate.

Narcissists are the masters of making you feel bad about your choices.

They’ll manipulate you to make you do or say anything just to keep them happy. You’ll feel so bad for them that you find yourself naturally doing every little thing for them.

Yet through it all they’re charming.

Of course they are. They do really really like you, after all. You’re like a prize to them.

A prize that dotes on them and gives them everything they wants and won’t ever bore of them. They love you, but it’s more the things you do for their ego than anything else.

They’re too self-absorbed to truly love you.

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