5 Easy Ways To Identify A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

Over the course of your lifetime you will undoubtedly come across a person whose motives aren't what they seem on the surface. These people are destructive and manipulative, using others to further their own agenda or to get what they want.

It might be a person who just gives you an uneasy feeling, or rubs you the wrong way. They're typically charismatic and enthusiastic, making it hard to expose them, but you'll eventually start picking up on all of the red flags that keep popping up when you're with them.

Here are five ways to spot a wolf in sheep's clothing:

They use your emotions to their advantage

Emotions are the wolf's number one tool when it comes to manipulating others. At first, your relationship is playful, exciting and new, then the entirety of the relationship starts to revolve around the wolf's agenda. They often seek out people who are weak-willed or emotionally vulnerable so as to reduce opposition of their plans.

They move quick

The wolf is all about its latest victim. Using charm and a fake interest in a person, they build what the other person thinks is a strong and legitimate relationship, when in reality, they're doing it to get closer to your emotions. If you think a person might be a wolf, watch how they react when a person or situation threatens their overall goal.

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