5 Easy Ways To Identify A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

Their story is different every time

The wolf has been weaving lies for a long time, and it can be hard to keep the details of a fictitious story straight every time they tell it. Keep an eye out for any details that change through the iterations, or any feelings you get that they're embellishing or exaggerating what actually happened. Their coverup stories usually fall flat because having to spin believable fiction on the spot is difficult.

They have a troubled look about them

The wolf carries with it a constant, heavy weight on its chest. Compared to a person who has nothing to hide, who lives a genuine life, the wolf suffers from a heavy pressure stemming from their own conscience. They don't show emotion in the same ways a regular person does.

They're very impatient

A wolf's ultimate goal is something they strive to achieve at all costs. Anything that hinders their progress toward achieving their goal is cause for frustration. They don't have time for anyone or anything to get in their way, whether it's having to wait in line at the store or battling a coworker for a raise. They'll find a way to the top, no matter what.

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