Woman Adopts 108-Year-Old Man She Found Abandoned By His 11 Kids And Living Under A Tree

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It seems like the older a person gets, the less they’re deemed worthy. Some people in the elderly generation are treated like they’re just taking up space or like their days are numbered. Except every day that each one of us is alive is a gift and the value of life is the same for anyone and everyone.

This is the story of a man who made it past 100 only to realize that he was completely alone and with no place to call home. Despite having raised 11 kids of his own, none of Don Felipe Reyes’s offspring had welcomed him, and they left him to fend for himself…until a stranger drove by him one day.

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The Kindness Of One Woman’s Heart

Benita takes mirror selfie

Benita Dearz / Facebook

Benita Dearz / Facebook

It all started when a woman from Coahuila, Mexico, Benita Dearzr, was driving randomly one day and saw an old man walking by her. Benita felt bad for the man who could hardly walk and stopped the car without hesitation to ask him if she could offer him a ride to wherever he was going. She likely assumed he was between destinations but quickly realized that he was walking aimlessly as he had nowhere to go.

Benita put him in his car and decided she was going to do what she could to help him. “I swear to you that he broke my heart,” Benita said in a Facebook post.