Woman Came Back From The Dead, Reveals What The Afterlife Is Like And Says,” I Want To Go Back”

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The truth behind what happens after we die is the final mystery. We have tried to figure it out now while we’re alive, hoping the answer would give us control over not only how we die, but when we die. However, no one can cheat death, prepare for it, or predict it.

For now, the only intel we have is from people who have experienced near-death situations. Some describe a bright light, voices, or seeing their own dead bodies. But what Jessie Sawyer and Betty Eadie saw after they both “died’ is a detailed description of the events that follow death in the afterlife. Here’s what they saw before being brought back to life.

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Would Happily Die Again

We tend to think of death as a gloomy scary event that brings nothing but grief. We perceive it as an ending to life as we know rather than a beginning to a new one. That’s because we tend to fear that which we don’t know or understand. Since we’re not allowed on the other side if we’re not the ones dying, we tend to grieve the absence of those who do.

Betty Eadie died for just a second and now she's shared what the afterlife is like
Inside Edition
Inside Edition

However, death doesn’t have to be sad.

In fact, according to Betty Eadie’s account of life after death, death brings perspective and a new sense of happiness. She thought the experience of dying was so nice that she would “quite happily die tomorrow”.