Woman Came Back From The Dead, Reveals What The Afterlife Is Like And Says, “I Want To Go Back”

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The truth behind what happens after we die is the final mystery. We have tried to figure it out now while we’re alive, hoping the answer would give us control over not only how we die, but when we die. However, no one can cheat death, prepare for it, or predict it.

For now, the only intel we have is from people who have experienced near-death situations. Some describe a bright light, voices, or seeing their own dead bodies. But what Jessie Sawyer and Betty Eadie saw after they both “died’ is a detailed description of the events that follow death in the afterlife. Here’s what they saw before being brought back to life.

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Would Happily Die Again

We tend to think of death as a gloomy scary event that brings nothing but grief. We perceive it as an ending to life as we know, rather than a beginning to a new one. That’s because we tend to fear that which we don’t know or understand. Since we’re not allowed on the other side if we’re not the ones dying, we tend to grieve the absence of those who do.

Betty Eadie died for just a second and now she's shared what the afterlife is like
Inside Edition
Inside Edition

However, death doesn’t have to be sad.

In fact, according to Betty Eadie’s account of life after death, death brings perspective and a new sense of happiness. She thought the experience of dying was so nice that she would “quite happily die tomorrow”.

A Conscious Experience

The information that Betty brings about the afterlife is one that aligns with science. Numerous studies have found that the experience of passing over is conscious and that our mind actually knows that we’ve died even after our physical bodies are declared clinically dead. It takes some time for the spirit to leave after the time of death.

Betty J. Eadie believes she met God and Jesus Christ during her near death experience.
Inside Edition
Inside Edition

Betty, who is now 78, had her afterlife experience after a hysterectomy operation. She remembers being fully aware of the fact that she was dead as it was happening.

She describes: “I was in the recovery room and suddenly felt every drop of blood had drained from my body and then this sensation of my spirit coming out of the body at tremendous speed. I looked down and saw my body lying on the bed.

I knew I had died and thought, ‘oh my God, I’m dead’.” Betty said she then saw three “really ancient men” who confirmed to her that she had died.

Astral Projection

Perhaps one of the most fascinating recollections from Betty’s experience was her ability to leave her body and fly out in the world. Betty’s priority was seeing her family. She remembers how she “flew” out the window and found her way to her home. There she saw her husband sitting in the armchair.

Betty Eade claims she had an out of body experience when she 'died' after having a hysterectomy
Via The Mirror
Via The Mirror

“I stood next to him, I was concerned because he didn’t know I had died, nor had my children, and I was worried for all of them.”

What Betty describes can be interpreted as Astral projection, a term also used to describe the act of leaving our bodies while sleeping. This intentional out-of-body experience allows consciousness to function separately from the physical body and travel throughout the astral plane.

Seeing The Future

Betty’s experience was full of revelations. Although she knew that her husband was not yet aware of her death, she didn’t feel concerned. She explains: ” I was given a glimpse into their futures and saw they’d all lead good lives.”

close up of eye looking up
Perchek Industrie / Instagram
Perchek Industrie / Instagram

Luckily Betty wouldn’t need to find out how her family would live on without her. As she flew her way back to her hospital bed, she went into a tunnel and into black space. The darkness didn’t scare her. instead she felt “extremely relaxed and comfortable.” As she made her way through the tunnel, she remembers seeing a figure she identified as “Jesus Christ,.” She said. “He hugged me and said, it’s not yet your time.”

Meeting The Angels

Upon meeting Jesus, the whole world seemed to make sense. Betty describes being given the answers to the universe at large. She explains: “Then three women – angels – appeared and Jesus told them, show her everything she needs to know, and I was taken to the most beautiful garden I’d ever seen, like nothing I’d ever seen on Earth.

Angel Statue in park
Marek Studzinski / Unsplash
Marek Studzinski / Unsplash

The angels then took me around every planet and then Jesus told me I had to go back to Earth but I didn’t want to. Then the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen appeared and it was God and he told me I had to go back and I saw my body and went back into it.”

Despite wanting to remain in the afterlife, Betty figured she would be back again one day. Her experience may be hard to believe but when she told her doctor about it five years later, he confirmed that she was dead during that time.

No Fear Of Death

Betty’s experience of the afterlife is shared and validated by Jessie Sawyer, a mom of two who “died” at age 31 after being rushed into hospital with internal bleeding from a gynecological procedure. The circumstances of her death were themselves scary to experience, but looking back Jessie says that she doesn’t fear death.

Jessie Sawyer talked about her 'death' experience on Inside Edition
Inside Edition
Inside Edition

Jessie said: “If you’d have told me 10 years ago I would have a near-death experience I wouldn’t have believed you, I don’t even believe in God.” However, after her afterlife findings, she gained a new perspective: “I have no fear of dying now, I could die right now and I’d be perfectly OK with it.”

Meeting Lost Loved Ones

Jessie’s experience was also reassuring. Jessie even had a chance to reconnect with loved ones whom she once grieved herself: “In the distance, I could see a figure and I recognized it as one of my best friends who had died two years before.

Jessie and husband on wedding day smiling
jessie_sawyer / Instagram
jessie_sawyer / Instagram

I also saw a bright light and that’s when I realized this is death, this is my death.” Now Jessie understands that death is just a beginning for another kind of life and while we may be separated in our world from the ones who cross over to the next, we’re bound to all be reunited again one day, likely for eternity that time.

Even Grief Is Temporary

The good thing about our world is that everything within it is temporary. It’s unclear if that’s the case in the afterlife but in our world, this means that even death and grief are bound to pass. Just like Betty, Jessie said she then saw how her death had affected her husband and two children.

Jessie Sawyer, in her hospital bed after recovering from her near death experience
Via The Mirror
Via The Mirror

“I was shown how my death would impact my family – that my two children, although grief-stricken, would grow up and have good lives,” she said. Luckily, her death didn’t last and Jessie saw herself fall back into her body, “which hurt”.

Jessie also shared her experience with her doctor who explained that she was “walking the line between life and death for a while.”

Live While You Can

Near death experiences are known to share many similar traits and stories but we have no proof or guarantee over what exactly waits us on te other side. For now, all we can do is live in this world to the best of our abilities, making every moment count before it fleets.

graveyard at night with shadows
Scott Rodgerson / Unsplash
Scott Rodgerson / Unsplash

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