Woman Came To The U.S With Nothing But $300, Now She’s NASA’s Flight Director To Mars

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Flashback to the 1980s in Columbia where a little girl sat dreaming of her future. She felt it in her heart that she was meant for something big, still having no idea of what waited for her. She couldn’t even imagine that one day she would represent her heritage and work for NASA, chasing stars and traveling to faraway planets.

Flashforward to today and Diana Trujillo is living proof that no little girl is ever dreaming too big. Even though she came from no money, today she stands proudly as an aerospace engineer, here’s her story

Dreaming From A Young Age

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Paige Cody / Unsplash

Paige Cody / Unsplash

Diana felt it in her heart from a young age that she was being called out to by the universe itself to explore it. While still growing up in Columbia she longed to understand it. This allowed her to dream big, as big as the universe itself, and created a fascination within her that would be her motivation and her drive her whole life long.

The more Diana grew up the more she felt certain that science would somehow be her path. However, she also quickly realized that this would not be an easy journey. Diana was already at a disadvantage for not only being a woman in a man dominated world but for also being Hispanic with little means.