Woman Found Out She’s Actually Been Officially Reported “Missing” Since 1980

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When binging the latest true crime documentary on Netflix, we tend to separate ourselves from it. We understand that the events that take place are real but have a hard time grasping just how devasting and life-changing they were to the people involved. Our lack of first-hand experiences makes it hard to imagine the feelings associated.

Then every once in a while, someone comes out on social media to share a vulnerable experience that sounds just like the plot of a crime documentary. One woman in particular recently found out she was kidnapped and has been missing since the 1980s. Here is her story.

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Finding Out The Truth

Shawne Bolton was just 10 years old when she found out that her parents weren’t really her parents. In the midst of their divorce, they told their daughter that she was actually adopted. Shawne had a hard time understanding that the people that she was living with weren’t even related to her, especially given the way that they often mistreated her.

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Kristina Flour / Unsplash
Kristina Flour / Unsplash

However, it wasn’t until she was a full adult that she decided that it was time to figure out who her biological mom really was. She decided to contact the sheriff in her police department to find more information.

“I assumed the fastest way to track my biological mother down would be to seek a criminal record for her. I don’t know what compelled me to call the sheriff’s department in the city where I was born.” This call would reveal information that would change her life forever.