5 Differences Between Toxic and True Love

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There are some clear differences between true love and toxic love, we all know this, but sometimes we have a hard time identifying exactly what those differences are.

Here are 5 specific differences between a true, real love, and a toxic relationship.

1. In true love, self-love and improvement is a top priority

woman screaming and crying holding her head
Juan Monino / Getty Images Signature Via Canva Pro
Juan Monino / Getty Images Signature Via Canva Pro

Your partner should want you to be the best version of yourself and have the best opportunities to achieve self-actualization, and you should want the same for them.

You should want what is best for each other more than anything.

In toxic love, absolutely all of the focus is on the relationship itself and how it defines the both of you.

There is no room for self improvement or introspection because the two of you can’t untangle yourselves from each other.

This is a negative perspective and hinders personal growth in a big way.

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