Woman Married A 300-Year-Old Ghost Of A Pirate, Now Reveals Why They’re Splitting Up

Every marriage has its ups and downs. It can be challenging to compromise with your partner continuously, but when you’re in a relationship with a ghost, it appears that it’s extra tough to meet in the middle.

This woman fell madly in love with the soul of a dead pirate but soon realized their marriage was a threat to her survival. This is their story.

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The Pirate That Stole Her Heart

In 2016, Amanda Teague made headlines for marrying a 300-year-old ghost from the 1700s. After losing her son in 2010, Amanda began her spiritual journey to rekindle her connection with her deceased child’s soul. But, five years later, the spirit of pirate Jack Sparrow stole her heart.

A woman wearing a wedding dress and standing beside a pirate flag.
Triangle News
Triangle News

The woman explains this marriage as “intimate” instead of “physical.” The foundation of their love was based on energy instead of attraction. She loved her husband despite dealing with criticism and doubt from others. But, shortly after their lovey-dovey honeymoon stage faded, the relationship began to go downhill.

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