Woman Wakes From Month-Long Coma To Learn Her Fiancé Ghosted Her For A New Woman, And That’s Not All

Imagine thinking you have it all, beauty, health, love, success and in just a moment lose it all… That’s what happened to Brie Duval. The Australian woman was engaged to the love of her life and starting a new life with him abroad when a tragic accident flipped her life upside down and left her in a month-long coma.

When she woke up nothing was the same anymore nor would it ever be again. Brie shared her story and it has gained a lot of attention.

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A Tragic Fall

Brie was living a happy life. She was engaged to marry her partner of four years and looking forward to a promising life full of opportunities. It all came crashing down when she fellfrom a parking garage after a night out with friends and suffered numerous injuries to her ribs, spine, and bones. She was rushed by helicopter to the hospital but unfortunately had to be placed on life support with a traumatic brain injury.

underground parking lot mostly empty
Egor Myznik / Unsplash
Egor Myznik / Unsplash

You would think that it’s at those moments that the people you love most would come to your side. This isn’t a way for them to prove their love to you but should rather be a natural desire out of their worry and care for you.