Woman Who Suffered 13 Miscarriages In 12 Years Finally Celebrates Birth Of Miracle Baby

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They say that being a mother is one of the world’s greatest gift. After all the ability to not only live a life but grow and create another is a mesmerizing phenomenon. All the sudden one body becomes two and forms a whole other person. Naturally, it takes a lot of work and effort to grow another human inside of you and this can take quite a toll on the body. Well it’s worth it, imagine having to go through that labor 13 times only to lose the child you’re dying to meet every single time.

Despite her grief and complications, this woman was determined to be a mother. Despite 13 miscarriages, she kept pushing through and trying again until she finally gave birth to her miracle baby.

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A Woman’s Biggest Wish

liu with team of doctors in hospital



The 32-year-old woman, who has only been named by her surname, Liu, was just a young twenty-year-old when she first got married in the district of Xinzhou in Wuhan, China. She immediately got to work on growing her family as she felt a calling toward motherhood.

However, her dreams of holding her own baby were quickly crushed when her first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. As painful as it was for Liu, she was determined to keep chasing her dream of being a mother. So she tried again but lost her baby again. This kept happening over and over for a total of 13 miscarriages over 12 years. That’s basically once a year!