Woman Who Suffered 13 Miscarriages In 12 Years Finally Celebrates Birth Of Miracle Baby

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They say that being a mother is one of the world’s greatest gift. After all the ability to not only live a life but grow and create another is a mesmerizing phenomenon. All the sudden one body becomes two and forms a whole other person. Naturally, it takes a lot of work and effort to grow another human inside of you and this can take quite a toll on the body. Well it’s worth it, imagine having to go through that labor 13 times only to lose the child you’re dying to meet every single time.

Despite her grief and complications, this woman was determined to be a mother. Despite 13 miscarriages, she kept pushing through and trying again until she finally gave birth to her miracle baby.

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A Woman’s Biggest Wish

liu with team of doctors in hospital



The 32-year-old woman, who has only been named by her surname, Liu, was just a young twenty-year-old when she first got married in the district of Xinzhou in Wuhan, China. She immediately got to work on growing her family as she felt a calling toward motherhood.

However, her dreams of holding her own baby were quickly crushed when her first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. As painful as it was for Liu, she was determined to keep chasing her dream of being a mother. So she tried again but lost her baby again. This kept happening over and over for a total of 13 miscarriages over 12 years. That’s basically once a year!

An Immune System Condition

pregnant liu walking in corridor of hospital



The tragic loss of an unborn child once is heartbreaking enough, but with each loss, the process was getting harder and harder. Each time she got pregnant, Liu was hopeful, only to have the hope of a new life stripped right from under her time and time again. Finally, Liu went to seek medical advice. Doctors were eventually able to diagnose her with an autoimmune disease called systemic lupus erythematosus.

This disease caused her immune system to attack its own tissues, which spread inflammation and damage in the affected organs. The doctors thought that it was this condition that was attacking the systems in her body responsible for making a child and causing the miscarriages.

Never Giving Up

Liu laying in hospital bed with mask on



Although doctors advised Liu not to keep trying to have a child, Liu didn’t give up on her dream. She was hopeful that no matter how many attempts it took, one of her pregnancies would bound to be successful so she continued to try one with miscarriage after another.

Naturally, this process took a toll on her body ad after so many pregnancy losses, medical staff noticed her body had weakened and she started to suffer from another complication. Liu was then diagnosed with hypothyroidism, a condition where not enough thyroid hormone is released into the bloodstream, causing the metabolism to slow down. This would make Liu feel overly tired and fragile to cold temperatures.

A Baby Against All Odds

doctor gives liu bouquet of flowers



On her 13th pregnancy, Liu was weak but more hopeful than ever as she had finally made it past her fifth month of pregnancy. However, there were still some complications. Liu checked herself into the hospital when she noticed unusual bleeding, abdominal pain, and other discomforts.

The doctors knowing her history treated her with miscarriage protection and anti-infection procedures. Together a medical team sat down with Liu and carefully created a treatment plan that would maximize protecting her unborn child and increase the odds of successful delivery.

The Miracle Baby Was Born

newborn baby holding adult hand



Finally, after twelve years of grief of twelve whole babies, Liu gave birth via cesarean section to her baby at the Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University. Despite being born prematurely, the baby was strong and healthy, ad so was his mother. Liu finally made her dream come true and was able to leave the hospital three days later as a mother.

She was not the only one to celebrate. The whole hospital staff was equally excited. After having witnessed her journey, her losses, and her perseverance, her pain had become theirs, and so did her celebration. The staff members congratulated Liu with bouquets of flowers and individually went to greet her and her baby.

Difficult Is Not The Same As Impossible

Liu and doctor pose at hospital bed



All the odds seem to be stacked up against Liu. It would have been easier for her to give up after so many losses. However for as long as she had the proper medical care to ensure that it was possible for her heart to continue to have safe pregnancies, Liu persisted at her dream until she achieved it.

Her story is inspirational to everyone who sees no way out and no possible path toward their vision. When there is a will, there is always a way, it’s just that the way may be extremely hard to get through.

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