Women Who Remain Single For Long Periods Of Time End Up The Happiest

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If you talk with women who have been single for long periods of time, you will find a level of contentment, if not outright happiness, in the way they view their lack of a long-term commitment.

The exact reason behind their emotional freedom is hard to pinpoint, but there is an indiscernible, if not undeniable, sense of quiet comfort that is somewhat lacking among women in serious romantic relationships.

Although the reasons behind this phenomenon are unclear, some speculation suggests several possibilities.

Perhaps these women are unaccustomed to what it means to be someone’s wife or girlfriend, or maybe they are so comfortable being single their entire life that anything else would be unnatural.

Or perhaps they were in a relationship at one point, only to find themselves abandoned and alone. Or maybe they finally decided to take a break from the overwhelming whirlwind of the dating scene.

Valuing Time Alone

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Regardless of the reason, women who remain single for large gaps of time ultimately end up the happiest.

One evident trait of these women is a personal comfort not only with themselves but comfort with the lack of intimacy in their everyday lives.

They are not just comfortable with solitude; they embrace the silence and stillness of the moment.

When going about their everyday lives and daily routines, single women are more likely to focus on the substance of the moment rather than wishing they had someone by their side to share it with.

Spending a night at home, eating lunch at a restaurant, or seeing a movie is not an exercise in loneliness; instead, they see these solo adventures as taking themselves out on a date.

Any awkwardness you may feel like an outsider looking in is not a shared sentiment.

Women who stay single for long periods of time ultimately end up the happiest because of the lack of a significant other frees them to pursue their own goals and ambitions without hesitation or guilt.