5 Signs Your Partner Is Enlightened

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Some might say that it’s difficult, or even rare, to find people who are enlightened in the world today. But, when you do find one, you’ll know it. Enlightened individuals see the world differently.

They’re confident, yet humble, and have an air about them that suggests they’ve got this life thing down. Dating an enlightened individual is an experience everyone should have at some point in their life.

Want to find out if your partner is enlightened? Here are five signs:

1. He or she is very attuned to their own being

A man sitting on his floor, meditating.
Pexels / Ivan Samkov
Pexels / Ivan Samkov

Enlightened people know how important it is for them to spend time each day reconnecting with themselves.

Whether it’s through meditation, yoga, or simply going for a long hike in the woods, they love disconnecting from the fast-paced world of work and friends in order to tune into the world that exists within their heart and soul.

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