Tiny Worlds Hidden Within Wooden Rings By Secret Wood

Gaze upon the unique, hand featured, tiny world tucked away on these superb rings. No two are alike each one has distinctive nuances and minute differences, they couldn't make them identical if they wanted!

These intricately designed rings are made in Canada by Secret Wood. There are a wide variety of different worlds, each one bursting with detail and intrigue.

None of the rings are exactly like it's predecessor, but each one is consistently and exquisitely detailed, debuting a personal micro landscape. From Blossom Forest to Alpine Wilds, a fascinating scene is expressed, catching anyone's attention with it's vibrant ambiance. So far 71,066 people have liked their page. They have many testimonials you can view on their site.

They ship internationally for the flat rate of 14 dollars. Their rings vary in price as some have gold and other precious stones. Your personalized ring can run anywhere from 180 dollars to 90 dollars plus shipping cost. They offer a 14 day warranty and discounts if you buy more than ten at a time. If you like what you see, order yours today! They hint on their website that they will have pendants soon! Below we have featured our favorites, for more visit their site.

Millettia Laurentii Forest With Gold (Limited Edition)

Image of Millettia laurentii Forest with Gold. Limited.

Deep Sea Geyser

Image of Deep Sea Geyser

Blossom Forest (Limited Edition)

Image of Blossom Forest - limited collection

Mystery Forest

Image of Mystery Forest

Delicate Dark Amethyst Forest

Image of Delicate Dark Amethyst Forest

Endo City Oak

Image of Endo City Oak

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