Engineers Design “World’s Fastest Shoes” To Increase Walking Speed By 250%, But Are We Defying Nature?

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Are you looking to get from one place to the other just a little faster? In today’s busy world, who wouldn’t? But it’s precisely the days you’re in a rush that traffic is a little slower, and the world itself seems to be working against you. If only you could skip the car or bus altogether and walk there without it taking too long. Think of the time, stress, and gas you would save. You would be helping out the planet a little, but also your body with physical movement and your mind with sharper focus and less stress.

This is where Moonwalkers come in. They claim to be the ‘world’s fastest shoes,’ and they may be able to get you to glide from point A to point B, giving you some of your time back.

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Not Enough Hours In The Day

Think about it. How often do you think of the fastest or most efficient way to accomplish a task? This is the way we’re conditioned so that we can survive and make it through our daily task load. It can sometimes feel like no matter how much we do in a day or how quickly we try to do it, there aren’t enough hours in the day. By constantly trying to catch up, we burn out.

Ketut Subiyanto / Pexels
Ketut Subiyanto / Pexels

The Moonwalker innovators explain: “since humans first built tools, we’ve been chasing a dream; you might say we’ve got the need for speed.” The innovators attribute this need to the advances we’ve made so far, like air travel and flying into space, saying that “our desire to go further and faster is in our DNA.” They’re not wrong.