Your Worst Personality Traits Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Horoscopes tend to sugar coat our fortunes based on our zodiac signs. They talk about the great things that are going to happen to us and how wonderful we are.

What they don’t usually talk about are the ways we might be kind of insufferable. We learn a lot more about ourselves from our weak points, not our strong points.

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When is the last time you read a horoscope that didn’t just give you a bunch of vague, positive statements? Keep in mind, this is just for fun, but this article is going to be a little more real.

So let’s get into it, here are the worst personality traits for each Zodiac sign.


You’re bossy, demanding, and at times arrogant. You can come off as combative and, if left unchecked, you suck to work for. Here’s a tip for you, Aries: chill out. Take a deep breath.

Lower your high expectations of others. Remember that you’re just one person of 7 billion.