​5 Universal Problems Only Old Souls Will Experience

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Love is more than just kisses and butterflies, it’s much more than that. For old souls love is about finding a connection with someone who understands you to your core. It’s not about passion, excitement and adventure as opposed to comfort, fulfillment and growth.

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These are the five universal problems only old souls will experience:

You’d prefer a quiet night inside

Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels
Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels

Your friends don’t understand how much of a hermit you can be. But it’s not that at all. Your idea of a great night is a couple porch beers with pals, not a crazy night on the town.

You’re seen as a loner

Because you tend to be more introverted and thoughtful, you’re viewed as a loner. But that’s not really the case for you.

You’re not a loner. You’re independent and you choose people wisely. You don’t just let anyone in. So it makes sense you might be seen as aloof.

People are drawn to you

Even though you tend to be aloof, people are still very much drawn to you. They enjoy your counsel and believe in the things you have to say.

This often interrupts your quiet nights and independence.

You’re perhaps too forgiving

It probably frustrates your friends from time to time, but you’re quick to forgive. You know that there’s little point in holding on to grudges and old anger.

While you do forgive, you don’t always forget.

Your intuition is second guessed

You’re an old soul – you know what your gut instincts are telling you. Sometimes it seems illogical, but it works out for you, and it’s YOUR gut. Don’t let anyone make you second guess your intuition.

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