5 Reasons Why Cancers Are The Best Lovers (As Written By A Cancer)

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We are resilient people.

When we face setbacks of any kind, we attack them with everything we’ve got. We don’t let ourselves get slowed down by anything if we can help it. There’s nothing life throws at us that’s too much.

We are incredibly passionate.

Of all the signs, we’re easily the most passionate, though not likely the most fiery lovers. We’re measured, but when we’re in love, boy are we in love.

We’re open minded and caring.

We provide a strong sense of acceptance and rarely judge people. Most of our friends say we give great advice. We find join in the imperfections of others, because they make us unique and different. Accepting the flaws of others is a huge part of any relationship, making Cancer’s the ideal lover.

We can adapt to things easily.

Cancers tend to roll with the punches in all situations. We often play the part of the rock in any relationship, there for anyone to support themselves on. When everything’s going wrong, we make sure it goes right.

We’re empaths.

At the end of the day, empathy is king for the Cancer. We feel fully the emotions of the people around us, and not just that, are able to experience the plight of other as if it were our own. It’s one way we’re most misunderstood. At our hearts, we’re humanitarians.

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