7 Tips For Managing Anxiety

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Like many things, anxiety has been largely misunderstood due to a strange desire people have to stereotype human behavior.

Stress isn’t all just about freaking out and never leaving your home. Many people keep their feelings hidden because they fear being discovered by others.

These are things you can do to help.

1. Educate yourself.

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Pexels / Lisa Fotios
Pexels / Lisa Fotios

Understand why it happens and what problems are behind it. You simply need to understand what it is before you can help. It’s important to be knowledgeable.

2. Be accepting.

A person with who is suffering doesn’t need you to change them. Simply accept them for who they are instead of trying to fix them.

3. Don’t bring it up.

Unless prompted, don’t talk with them about their issues. It can be an embarrassing affliction that some people may feel ashamed of. Talk about what you normally would discuss.

4. Be yourself.

Don’t change who you are or how you act around them. Chances are, if they liked you in the first place, they don’t want you to change on their account.

5. Stay active.

Get outside! Go for a hike or shoot some hoops. Be active. Staying active is a well-known and effective remedy. It gets them out of their anxious thoughts, which is very helpful.

6. Be available.

If you have someone you want to help in your life, be there for them! Be available. If they need your help getting through a panic attack or just need someone to talk to, be available.

7. Don’t judge.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts when it comes to people.

Your friend or loved one may have certain issues, but that doesn’t change who they are or what they’re about. They’re still a complex human being. Don’t judge them.

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