Why Give Your Power To Those Who Hurt You, When You Deserve To Heal?

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As a person moves through life, they are often faced with people and situations that leave them in emotional turmoil. Whether it be unlucky romantic relationships, hurtful parental neglect, or living a life with low self-esteem, humans experience many things that they eventually need to heal from.

Perhaps we don’t even realize we need to heal, but there are many physical and psychological signs that tell us we do. Anxiety, stress, relationship strains, and lack of self-love are factors in a person’s daily life that improve when you heal.

If you or someone you love are existing in a state of sadness, these are the many reasons you should practice self-healing.

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Forgiveness For Yourself

"Forgive" spelled out with scrabble letters
Alex Shute / Unsplash
Alex Shute / Unsplash

It is a common habit in a triggered individuals to blame themselves for every negative thing that has happened in their lives. A failed relationship means that we were not good enough, or a job loss means that we could have tried harder.

When you choose to forgive yourself, you can recognize that you tried the best you could at the time. You can stop punishing yourself for not knowing what you know now. Healing can strengthen your relationship with yourself when you stop being your own worst critic. Practicing praise and positive self-talk can change the way it feels to live life in your own shoes.