Why Give Your Power To Those Who Hurt You, When You Deserve To Heal?

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As a person moves through life, they are often faced with people and situations that leave them in emotional turmoil. Whether it be unlucky romantic relationships, hurtful parental neglect, or living a life with low self-esteem, humans experience many things that they eventually need to heal from.

Perhaps we don’t even realize we need to heal, but there are many physical and psychological signs that tell us we do. Anxiety, stress, relationship strains, and lack of self-love are factors in a person’s daily life that improve when you heal.

If you or someone you love are existing in a state of sadness, these are the many reasons you should practice self-healing.

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Forgiveness For Yourself

"Forgive" spelled out with scrabble letters
Alex Shute / Unsplash
Alex Shute / Unsplash

It is a common habit in a triggered individuals to blame themselves for every negative thing that has happened in their lives. A failed relationship means that we were not good enough, or a job loss means that we could have tried harder.

When you choose to forgive yourself, you can recognize that you tried the best you could at the time. You can stop punishing yourself for not knowing what you know now. Healing can strengthen your relationship with yourself when you stop being your own worst critic. Practicing praise and positive self-talk can change the way it feels to live life in your own shoes.

Control of  Emotions 

woman screaming with eyes closed
Andrea Piacquadio / Unsplash
Andrea Piacquadio / Unsplash

When we heal, we sit with our emotions and let them run their course. To heal, a person has to let the tears flow when they come, face anger with understanding, and know that our emotions are healthy and normal signs of life, especially when facing hardship.

When we learn to heal the pain that our emotions are signaling, we will begin to feel better within ourselves and strengthen our relationships with others. An unhealed person may experience lashing out or withdrawing from their friends and family. Unhealed trauma may show up as being easily offended or irritated. Having positive emotions is a reward that comes from healing your life. 

A Renewed Perspective

woman with red hair laying on rock with eyes closed
Saltanat Zhursinbek / Unsplash
Saltanat Zhursinbek / Unsplash

One of the benefits that comes from healing is the ability to look at the past with a clearer picture of what really happened. When we heal, we gain the ability to have an unbiased standpoint of what went wrong, what we could have done differently, and what we were not at fault for. 

To understand your past gives you the chance to learn more about yourself, relationships, situations, and overall teaches you valuable life lessons. A healed soul will take advantage of failures and obstacles as a challenge to grow and evolve into an even greater version of themselves. Healing can be exciting! This is cute I like it!

Acceptance Of What Is

woman holding her hands up to her heart in self love
Giulia Bertelli / Unsplash
Giulia Bertelli / Unsplash

To heal means to live in freedom of the “what if’s?” It is normal to replay past mistakes in your mind, or naively hope that person will come back, but this is a mindset that can feel heavy to carry around. Once the healing work has been done, and you are ready to be on your own team, you can finally live in acceptance of the truth. 

Self-acceptance leads to knowing that you are strong enough to handle hard things, that you are worthy of greatness, and that you are allowed to try, fail, and try again. To be present is to be healed. 

Feeling Good About Taking Care of Yourself

woman laying in bubble bath with eyes closed
Cotton Bro / Pexels
Cotton Bro / Pexels

A healed person will over time grow to love, respect, and value themselves. Recognizing what hardships you have been through, and rewarding yourself for making it past them, is how you become your own best friend. Healing gives you the permission to live life in harmony with yourself, instead of living in punishment and fear. 

A struggling person living on auto-pilot often forgets to take time for self-love. Prioritizing self-care activities – like taking care of your physical needs, filling your soul with hobbies, and doing breathwork – will make you feel happy, healthy, and productive when you know that you deserve it. 

Gaining Patience and Gentleness

woman sitting in porch chair with eyes closed
Engin Akyurt / Pexels
Engin Akyurt / Pexels

Healing yourself means giving yourself permission to be imperfect. When a person constantly feels the need to please others before themselves, this lack of confidence can cause a build-up of pressure and self-doubt. Through acts of patience when we heal, we can learn to be patient and gentle with others as well. 

An unhealed person tends to mirror their lack of empathy, criticism, and bottled-up emotions that they have for themself out on others. But, when we let ourselves live and learn slowly, we build up a tolerance to be more forgiving and teaching to those we love. Being patient and forgiving invites love into our lives, from others, and also from our own heart. 

Whenever You’re Ready

woman practicing yoga by window
Elina Fairytale / Pexels
Elina Fairytale / Pexels

It isn’t always easy to provide ourselves with the love, graciousness, and compassion that we so freely give to the people that we care about. It also may be hard to believe that we deserve it. The first step is to recognize and admit that we have some inner work to do, and the rest we can work on slowly.

A healed person can lead a pleasant, exciting, happy life despite the troubles they might encounter along the way. The sooner you choose to love yourself, the sooner you can heal and nurture your soul. Remember: you deserve it!

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