3 Signs You Have Been Reincarnated

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Reincarnation is the cornerstone of numerous belief systems around the world. The idea is fairly simple: when you die, you are reborn as someone or something else. Sometimes you’re reborn repeatedly until you achieve a heightened state of awareness, and in other belief systems, you’re reborn as any number of living creatures.

It is possible to have been reborn as a person more than once though. These are the three signs that’s the case for you.

1. Noteworthy or repeating birthmarks.

Many family members in places where Buddhism is dominant will mark their dead with soot on a certain area so that, in their reincarnated form, they will have a birth mark in that place. This allows families to stay in touch with the souls of their departed loved ones.

Two researchers, Professors Jim Tucker and Jurgen Keil, studied reincarnation reports in Myanmar. One of the more compelling was this boy, Boy Z:

Boy Z was born with a birthmark in the same place where the boy’s grandfather was marked. There was a gap of 11 months between the death of the grandfather and the birth of the boy. His family believes him to be his grandfather’s reincarnation.

2. Xenoglossy.

Ivan Stevenson, a psychiatry professor, first encountered xenoglossy in several individuals. Xenoglossy is when an individual seems to know a language that they’ve had no real exposure to and have never studied. In one case, a woman named E, assumed the role of a Swedish peasant named Jensen Jacoby when put into a hypnotic state.

She had had no experience with the Swedish, but answered questions in fluent Swedish with no notable accent. Her vocabulary was restricted to about 100 words, however.

So it’s possible that being able to recall languages that you’ve never even learned as another sign.

3. Episodes of regression.

Brian Weiss, a psychiatrist at Mt. Sinai Medical Center once treated a nurse who worked at that very hospital. During a session, she produced details of a past life that were eerily thorough. She claimed to be a Native American woman. She talked about how her baby had a crescent-shaped birthmark on his shoulder.

Months later, a patient was admitted to the hospital for an asthma attack. Both the nurse and the patient quickly fell in love. The kicker? The patient had a crescent birthmark on his right shoulder.

Dr. Weiss has been dedicated to investigating reincarnation ever since.

So what do you think? Are these signs of reincarnation? Do you believe you’ve been born in different lives?

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