5 Warning Signs That Your Significant Other Isn’t ‘The One’

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We often describe the person we want to be with all of our lives as “the one.” However, as much as we would like to believe that this person is everything that we want in life, there may be some certain warning signs that could indicate otherwise.

It’s never wise to assume that every single person you date is “the one” for you. It’s also important to remember that love will eventually find its way to you the more you love yourself! Never give up on love.

Here are some signs that you should recognize about them that they might not actually be “the one”.

1. Broken Trust Or None At All

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If this person has already broken your trust. just simply doesn’t want to trust you, or you don’t trust them in the slightest, then this is a pretty big warning sign that they may not be “the one” for you.

Trust is a very important thing in a relationship as well as communicating to each other as to what’s making you happy and what’s making you not happy.

You cannot have a functioning relationship if you do not have any trust for each other whatsoever.

2. Little To No Communication

As mentioned before, communication is one of the most important aspects of any relationship. You should not expect the other person to be able to read your mind 24/7.

That is a very unrealistic expectation and they also shouldn’t expect you to be able to read their mind all the time either.

Communicate with each other on how you can make things better between the two of you. Communicate to see what it is you can improve on or what you can do for them that would make things easier for both of you.

If they do not want to communicate at all with you, then this person may not be “the one” for you.

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3. Is There A Future?

If the person you are with talks about the future, without having another person by their side to experience life with or mainly claiming it’s going to happen without you, then this person is definitely not “the one” for you.

The future is a hazy topic to discuss whether or not anyone’s going to last that long together, however, if they talk about it as if you don’t even exist in their future, then you may want to consider leaving this person immediately.

They see your relationship with them as something temporary, so why be around someone who’s only planning on using you for things?

4. Emotionally Unavailable

If the person you are with seems to not want to express any of their emotions to you, they may not exactly be “the one” for you right now.

These people tend to have much deeper issues going on inside of them that is making them extremely insecure about how they feel.

This may be something about them that you can’t exactly fix all by yourself and they shouldn’t expect you to be able to fix all of the problems that are going on with them in this moment of time.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however, it can be pretty exhausting trying to help someone who doesn’t even tell you how they feel or even know how to feel.

5. Still Growing Up

If the person you are with is not done growing up and still wants to act like a child, then this person may not be “the one” for you at this moment.

Love does require two mature human beings that are able to understand each other’s wants and needs.

If you are the only one who is giving any kind of effort in your relationship or you’re the one who’s doing all of the work in the relationship, then you may want to consider leaving this person.

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