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5 Daily Habits That Train Your Mind To Stay Positive

We live in a society where we're constantly beamed with negative media. We see murders on TV, scary news stories, and overall, people don't feel like the world is headed in the right direction.

It's easy to be negative today, but there's a lot of value in keeping a sunny outlook. Here's how to do it.

1. Write down what you're grateful for.

Every day, and especially at times where you're feeling blue, whip out a notebook and jot down the things you're grateful for.

When you remember the great things about your life, it's even easier to feel good.

2. Say positive things about yourself.

Al Franken gave himself plenty of positive daily affirmations on Saturday Night Live, and now he's a United States Senator!

It goes to show how far positive affirmations can go for you.

Simply saying what you really think about yourself instead of putting yourself down can help reprogram your mind to be more positive and take you further.

3. Be with supportive people.

You're going to have a tough time staying positive when you're surrounded by people who, well, aren't! The negative vibes of others can make your vibes more negative as well.

I'm not saying cut ties with people who aren't positive, but limit exposure to them. Make new friends who are a little more upbeat.

4. Disregard your negative thoughts.

When you're having bad thoughts about yourself, ignore them. Like an artist is critical of her own work, you can be needlessly critical of yourself.

Chances are, you're a decent person as it is. So quit berating yourself! It's counterproductive anyway. If you need to improve yourself, take action, don't put yourself down.

5. Do things for others.

Few things feel better than helping others. Donate to charity, volunteer some of your time at a soup kitchen, give to the needy; it feels good to do good for others.

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