This Boy Shocked The World With Extremely Accurate Details Of His Past Life As A Hollywood Actor

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Ryan is an average, every day 10-year-old boy. He’s the son of Baptist families who don’t take to beliefs in reincarnation very easily. But Ryan began talking about his past life as an actor who danced on Broadway. He could even remember the name of the street he lived on.

His stories were so vivid they attracted the interest of experts who wanted to study him, essentially trying to find faults in his story, but there were none. He simply remembered accurately his past life as an actor.

Reincarnation is believed by many people and faiths around the world. The belief comes in different, well, incarnations. Some believe you are reincarnated randomly into various animals and maybe even plants. Others think that you reincarnate over and over again as a human, eventually learning a lesson before transcending to another plane.

Whatever the case, Ryan’s story has many baffled. What do you think?